10 good reasons to choose Lomarengas

Excellent occupancy rates

The Lomarengas online service is a very popular alternative for booking cottage holidays. Customers can book your cottage or holiday apartment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make the search for and booking of a holiday destination almost effortless. Locations are showcased with numerous photographs and detailed information. Our diverse search options bring all types of destinations to the attention of holidaymakers. The service operates in Finnish and English, and it is being developed constantly. Our effective online services usually translate into excellent cottage occupancy rates.

Almost 50 years of experience in cottage sales and marketing

Lomarengas has extensive experience in renting holiday cottages, villas and apartments. Our company was established in 1966 and we have become the industry leader and only nationwide operator in Finland. Almost 50 years of experience enables us to promise professional and secure services to the owners and guests of different holiday destinations. 

Diverse range 

Lomarengas offers access to all of Finland's most popular holiday regions and resorts. Our range of more than 3,400 cottages includes locations from all corners of Finland, providing a destination suitable for all customers. On offer are magnificent villas and grand apartments as well as high-standard shore cottages complete with lake- or seaside saunas. A selection of wilderness getaways caters to those looking for the serene tranquillity of undisturbed nature. No other operator can provide access to such an extensive range. Did you know that Lomarengas is also Finland's biggest broker of ski resort cottages?

A ready clientèle

Lomarengas has a register of more than 70,000 regular customers, many of whom rent a holiday home as often as 2-3 times a year. Lomarengas customers are happy to try out new destinations and they share good experiences with their friends and acquaintances. We conduct surveys of customer satisfaction on a regular basis. Received feedback is conveyed on to the cottage owners to help them develop their services further.

No deal, no expense

Lomarengas levies no extra charges on cottage owners. Drafting a contract and joining the Lomarengas service likewise costs the cottage owner nothing. Our principle is to collect a performance-based sales commission only from concluded sales: no deal, no expense.  


You will be provided with reliable information on developments affecting the industry as well as  on Lomarengas activities and other topical issues on a continuous basis. Both the management of Lomarengas as well as our sales negotiators and area representatives observe a policy of open communication and interaction with cottage owners and other significant stakeholder groups. 

Comprehensive marketing at home and abroad

Lomarengas will professionally market your cottage nationally and internationally. We market our holiday destinations via the Net, TV, outdoor advertising and print media, in addition to which we maintain regular contact with our customers through targeted newsletters. Lomarengas is always present when potential customers are searching for information and making holiday-related decisions.

We will help you improve the standard of your cottage

Lomarengas classifies all of the holiday destinations it brokers. The classification system was developed by Lomarengas and it takes the needs of international travellers into consideration as well. Our rating provides customers with a reliable measure for comparing different locations. The rating enables cottage owners to focus attention on the things that matter as well as to take key issues into consideration when building new locations or renovating existing ones. The classification factors in matters related to, for example, interior decoration and yard design, which owners can influence on site.

More than 2,000 cottage owners have faith in Lomarengas

More than 2,000 cottage owners from different corners of Finland have already signed up with Lomarengas and the number of these valued clients is growing steadily. Each year, over 80,000 travellers choose to spend in excess of 600,000 nights at Lomarengas accommodation destinations.

Dependable support for cottage owners

Lomarengas handles all financial transactions on behalf of cottage owners. You will always receive the rent on time. A no show is a non-existent occurrence. Any credit defaults will be shouldered by Lomarengas. Our on-call advisers will assist you in problematic situations on summer weekends and on peak winter weekends. Our language-proficient sales negotiators will help you serve your international customers when your own foreign language skills are not sufficient.

Launching cooperation – here's how to get started

Are you interested in cooperating with us?

Please contact one of our experts. Together, we can plan how to optimise the marketing of your holiday destination to the domestic and international customers of Lomarengas.

Get in touch – contacting us binds you in no way. We will submit a proposal on how to proceed and launch cooperation with Lomarengas. All of your information will be handled in strict confidence and any decisions regarding follow-up action will be made by You!

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