Contract between Lomarengas and the cottage owner

Inspection of the holiday destination

Before a contract is concluded, Lomarengas inspects all holiday destinations that it takes onto its list. An inspection takes 3-4 hours. During the visit, a Lomarengas representative will collect necessary information on the destination, take photos, classify the property, negotiate the level of the rent and provide advice on practical issues. 

The contract will remain in force until further notice and it grants Lomarengas the right to handle the advance sales of the holiday destination.

The contract stipulates that Lomarengas has primary control of the booking situation 

Owners must always first confirm the booking situation from Lomarengas before confirming a booking with their own customers.  

Owners must always notify Lomarengas of all their own bookings, one-night stays included. Owners must also make a booking if the cabin is unavailable because of renovations, painting or other decoration work. A booking made by the owner (for a private client or for own use) only becomes valid once it has been registered on our real-time reservation system.
Bookings made by Lomarengas take priority in cases of double booking. The same rules apply to own use. Check the booking situation online by using the Lomarengas owner interface (OMAliittymä) or call on weekdays.

Booking situation notifications

Lomarengas will notify owners of bookings and cancellations in writing by either sending a weekly booking situation notification via post or by sending immediate e-mail notifications of bookings/cancellations. A telephone notification of last-minute bookings (arrival in less than 7 days) will also be made.

What the price of the rent includes 

The terms of booking stipulate that the rent covers free use of the holiday destination as well as firewood for the fireplace and sauna (unless otherwise mentioned). Use of a rowboat is also included at shore cabins unless otherwise mentioned. Lomarengas will send a booking confirmation, driving instructions and other necessary information once a booking is registered.   

Rent payments to the owner

Lomarengas will collect the rent for the full reservation period in advance and will then pay the owner two weeks after the vacation's start date.  

Weekend bookings

Weekend bookings commence at 4pm Friday and last until 10pm Sunday. At some locations, e.g. ski resort destinations, weekend bookings end at 12 noon, however. Week reservations commence at 4pm on the day of arrival and end at 12 noon on the day of departure. Customers may, however, also arrive quite late without giving any notice of their time of arrival.    

Contract period

The contract remains in force for the time being with a 6-month term of notice applying to both parties. Holiday destinations must be ready for customers for the full duration of their sale period. Maintenance must be performed in a timely fashion before the first guests of the season arrive.  
The contract can be terminated observing the 6-month term of notice. The owner is required to handle bookings made for the term of notice in the normal fashion.
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Contacting us binds you in no way. We will submit a proposal on how to proceed and launch cooperation with Lomarengas. All of your information will be handled in strict confidence and any decisions regarding follow-up action will be made by You!

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