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Who we are

No shortage of experience

Lomarengas has been involved in the marketing of rentable holiday cabins for almost half a century. Lomarengas commenced operations in 1966 and it is Finland's most experienced cottage lease agent, which brokers cottages for all kinds of needs. Our selection of over 3,400 destinations provides alternatives ranging from shore cabins to ski resort chalets and apartments, from luxury villas to ascetic wilderness dwellings. 
Lomarengas destinations are known for their high quality, good standard of equipment and friendly hosts. Renting accommodation is done easily via Finland's biggest cottage portal  www.lomarengas.fi, which attracts 40,000 unique visitors each week. 

Lomarengas office and ownership

Lomarengas has four sales units, which are located in Helsinki, Nilsiä, Sotkamo and Kuusamo. The units are linked to form a single call centre, which provides customer service from 8:30am to 5pm on weekdays.

Cottage owners make up the largest shareholder group in Lomarengas, with other substantial stakes held by the Lomalaidun Association, corporate management and personnel. 


Sales to domestic customers account for 60% of turnover and international sales for 40%. Urban families with children make up the majority of our domestic clientèle. International customers most often hail from Russia, Germany, Switzerland and other Central European countries.

Lomarengas Group

The Lomarengas Group consists of the parent company Lomarengas Oy Ltd as well as Yllas Travel Ltd, which is the leading booking centre for accommodation in Ylläs. The Group generated a turnover of some €22,000,000 in 2011 and employed 35 people.

Lomarengas mission and vision

The Lomarengas mission is to create added economic value to cottage owners and to offer customers an easy and reliable channel through which to purchase travel products. 

Our vision is to strengthen the position of Lomarengas as Finland's most substantial marketing and distribution channel for holiday cottages and apartments.  

Lomarengas is preparing for operational growth by building a travel portal that offers more extensive services and we will continue to become more international by offering holiday travel options outside Finland through an overseas partnership.

Lomarengas aims to be recognised for its reliability and high-standard services. We want to increase the amount of regular customers and increase the general name recognition of Lomarengas in Finland to 70%.

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Lomarengas values

Independence: we are an economically and operationally independent and solvent cooperation partner. We make our own decisions regarding the future of our company.

Responsibility: we are a responsible operator and take good care of our reputation.

Openness: we observe a policy of open communication and interaction with our personnel and all of our stakeholders.

Dependability: we do what we say we'll do.

Lomarengas business concept

The business concept of Lomarengas is to generate economic value for our service providers. This is realised with the aid of a comprehensive service package that includes, among other things, management of the sales and booking process as well as the provision of consultation with regard to the development of holiday destinations.
Consumers are the primary Lomarengas customers. For them, Lomarengas offers an easy and dependable avenue for purchasing travel products via different sales channels.

For regional organisations and central booking agencies, Lomarengas offers a user interface that consists of both a booking system and a distribution channel.

Are you interested in cooperating with us?

Please contact one of our experts. Together, we can plan how to optimise the marketing of your holiday destination to the domestic and international customers of Lomarengas.

Get in touch – contacting us binds you in no way. We will submit a proposal on how to proceed and launch cooperation with Lomarengas. All of your information will be handled in strict confidence and any decisions regarding follow-up action will be made by You!

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