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Ensure success as a cottage owner

Receiving guests

Driving instructions to the key handover location or the cottage are submitted to customers beforehand and they are requested to notify their arrival time in advance. Normally, holiday destinations are made available to customers from 4pm onwards and they most often arrive around that time. 
The majority of customers are happy just to be directed to the holiday destination and provided with a telephone number for the caretaker or owner in case they run into a problem. 

Some customers appreciate being accompanied to the property and shown the most important details: how to lock the doors, use household equipment, where to put garbage and ashes, etc. Instructions on how to reach the caretaker/owner in case of a problem should always be provided.

Security deposit 

Under the booking conditions, the caretaker or owner is entitled to collect a security deposit from customers on arrival to ensure that they fulfil their obligations as well as to compensate for any damages. The caretaker/owner will return the security deposit on the day of departure after verifying that the property is in appropriate condition. Damage repairs and costs caused by the cleaning of the property can be deducted from the deposit. Lomarengas recommends that you collect the security deposit.

Customer liability for damages 

The customer shall hand over the holiday destination and its keys at 12 noon on the day of departure unless otherwise agreed. If the customer departs at an unusual time (e.g. at night) or if the customer leaves without giving notice of departure, the caretaker or owner is entitled to return the security deposit afterwards.  

The customer is liable to repair any damages he or she causes to the holiday destination. Customers are required to notify the caretaker or owner immediately of any damages to the property. Customers are liable to directly compensate the caretaker or owner of a holiday destination for damages caused by them. 

Departing customers must leave the holiday destination in a tidy condition   

Customers are liable to cover the expense of cleaning the property when guests have smoked indoors or they have failed to clean the property before departure or they have cleaned it inadequately and the caretaker/owner has to take care of these duties before the next guests arrive at the holiday destination. 

The amount of compensation must be agreed with the customer immediately on site. It is not possible to jointly verify the grounds for compensation claims made afterwards, which means that the customer cannot be held liable for compensation.

Maintenance and tasks to be performed on changeover days 

Even when the property has a separate caretaker, cleaner and key deliverer, the owner has ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the holiday destination is cleaned and in appropriate order in all other respects as well when new guests arrive for their stay. The owner is responsible for ensuring that everyone has been sufficiently informed of how the destination and its keys are to be handed over as well as of what tasks need to be done when customers arrive and depart and how and when maintenance should be performed. 
In principle, customers should leave the cottage in a tidy condition when they depart, but someone must always verify its appropriate condition and, if necessary, clean it on the changeover day. It is most important that the next customer always arrives to a tidy cottage.

A separately ordered departure cleaning service or a departure cleaning service included in the destination rent does not cover dish-washing or garbage removal. Clients should also remove empty bottles and cans from the property and return any moved furniture to their original place. 


Changeover day check-list 

Please verify the following points when performing the changeover inspection. Rectify any shortcomings when necessary.


The dishes and cooking utensils are clean 
Replace any broken dishes 
Dish-washing machine is emptied and clean 
The fridge and freezer are emptied and clean  
Equipment items are operational  
Coffee-maker is cleaned  and the filter is removed
Breadboard is cleaned of crumbs  
Garbage taken out and new trash bag in place 

WC and washroom

Toilet seat and bowl are clean, sufficient amount of WC paper  
Shower curtain/wall cleaned  
Tiles and tile seams are clean  
Floors are clean  
Garbage taken out and new trash bag in place 

Living room/bedrooms

Sofas and armchairs cleaned/vacuumed 
Bedclothes are clean and untorn   
Furniture in its appropriate place  
Firewood chopped and brought inside 


Floors tidy and clean  
TV channels operational  
Burnt out light bulbs replaced  
Wall hanging, service folder, guest book and maps are OK  
Sauna and fireplace firewood chopped and brought inside  
Ashes removed from fireplace and the sauna stove's fire chamber 
Cleaning equipment ready for use (e.g. vacuum cleaner bag is empty) 
Sufficient amount of washing agents available 


Stairs and entrance path cleared of snow  
Trash removed from yard and terrace  
Barbecue area tidied 
Boat OK and tidied  
Firewood shack stocked with timber  
Garbage taken away and dustbin emptied  
Jetty OK  
Outhouse dustbin emptied 

Customer feedback  

The booking terms stipulate that customers must make all complaints regarding the equipment and condition of the holiday destination directly to the caretaker or owner immediately once grounds for complaint appear. This gives the owner an opportunity to rectify shortcomings. If the owner finds it difficult to deal with a complaint on site, he or she can contact Lomarengas. We will provide assistance in any problematic situation. During summer weekends, you can also contact an on-call Lomarengas adviser.    

If disappointments are rectified without delay and in a friendly manner, the matter is usually resolved there and then.  

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