Owner interface 

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The easiest way to check you bookings is to use the Lomarengas owner interface. It is also a handy way for making and cancelling your own bookings.

Use of the owner interface is free of charge. Lomarengas will issue you with a personal user name and password. Caretakers, cleaners and key deliverers can check their own interface for booking information and details regarding customer arrivals. 

Are you interested in cooperating with us?

Please contact one of our experts. Together, we can plan how to optimise the marketing of your holiday destination to the domestic and international customers of Lomarengas.

Get in touch – contacting us binds you in no way. We will submit a proposal on how to proceed and launch cooperation with Lomarengas. All of your information will be handled in strict confidence and any decisions regarding follow-up action will be made by You!

Lomarengas Oy 
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